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Helping Restore Communication after Hurricane Irma

Who do you call when you need an App to track relief efforts from Hurricane #Irma in 48 hours? Coras is proud to be part of the effort.

We are all saddened by the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma over the past many days. Our hearts go out to all those who suffered loss and our respect also goes out to them and all the others who are helping alleviate some of the pain.

One of our customers is responsible for a big part of the communication infrastructure in South Florida. As you can imagine, the hurricane hit it hard. The infrastructure is critical to relief efforts, as well as for families and friends looking to check up on each other, so assessing the damage and getting things back up and running is paramount. As our customer scrambled to get things back online after the hurricane, it came to Coras for help.

The company has a fleet of drones it uses for various purposes. It was planning to use those drones to conduct inspections of its facilities and equipment that were impacted by the hurricane. But they needed a way to manage all the inbound requests they were receiving for the drones. They contacted us with a question: Can you build us an application to help manage all the inbound requests we’re getting from across the company? And we need it “yesterday.”

Our answer was “Yes, we can…and we will.” 48 hours later, our customer had a cloud-based, fully functioning application to manage the drone request process. Thanks to the app, the company can now conduct methodical, organized inspections, and track and report on them. All through the Coras app. This is playing a huge role in returning communication services to South Florida.

We built the app using CorasNow—our rapid application development platform. Sure we know what we’re doing, but it’s a testament to the flexibility and ease of use of CorasNow that we could build the app from scratch in just 48 hours. Your needs may not be so dramatic, but we can certainly help you, too. Check out the Coras platform at www.coras.com


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