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Powerful Enterprise Apps for SharePoint and Office 365

July 20, 2017
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For those who have been following SharePoint since the early days, you remember web parts, the GAC, SharePoint Services, SharePoint Portal Server, and many other legacy terms and products. You may remember CorasWorks, as well. Since 2003, CorasWorks has been providing software products, solutions, and services on top of Microsoft SharePoint.

Our core SharePoint product was—and still is—the CorasWorks v11 Application Platform. The platform includes a series of features, capabilities, and APIs that allow organizations to build enterprise-class apps on top of on-premises SharePoint. Over the years, we sold CorasWorks to more than 1,000 customers worldwide and delivered more than 500 projects for those customers.

Recently, with Microsoft’s shift to the cloud and changes to new versions of SharePoint, it’s more and more difficult to build applications on SharePoint. And building on Office 365 (which includes the new “SharePoint”) is limited, hard, and expensive. By design, Microsoft has made it more difficult to build applications on either platform.

As Microsoft has shifted, so have we. In addition to providing a platform that rides on top of SharePoint, we now have our CorasNow platform, which is an independent, cloud-based application platform. It includes many of the great features and capabilities you have come to love from CorasWorks, but in a more agile, fast, and flexible platform that lives in the cloud.

With CorasNow, we are building “provider-hosted apps” for SharePoint and Office 365. This is the recommended model by Microsoft. Basically, you build your apps “outside” of SharePoint or Office 365 on an external platform, then connect them to SharePoint/Office 365. Users access the apps through the SharePoint/O365 interface so it’s like the apps are really there—but they’re not. However, to the user, the interface is seamless. Plus, by leveraging the provider-hosted app model, you can leverage a more powerful set of tools when building the apps than if you built them in SharePoint or Office 365.

With the Coras platform, you can build and deploy enterprise applications for SharePoint and Office 365 faster, easier, and more cost effectively. We deliver rapid value that allows you to increase the ROI of your SharePoint or Office 365 investment. Learn more about the Coras platform today!