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SharePoint, the Cloud, and Application Modernization – Run What You Brung

Run what you brung. Lessons learned on SharePoint, the cloud, and app modernization.

Application modernization lessons from a misspent youth.

“Run what ya brung“ is a phrase used for street races where you accept the results of a race instead of making theories how the race could have turned out differently. "That Supra would have beaten that ZR1 IF it had a bigger turbo."

You have a lot invested in your current staff. All of them are trained up on .Net, creating CAML queries, custom webparts, and farm solutions. Then the boss says we’re going to the cloud. Your staff is wholly unprepared for application development in the Office 365 realm.

No worries. You could do the required custom development, IF you had the training on the new skills. We all know all IT departments have unlimited funds for training, so retraining your staff should be no problem, right?

The problem is, with every new release of SharePoint comes a new way of doing custom development, resulting in constantly retooling your team on the latest skills—Silverlight, .Net, and CAML to client-side Java and OAuth. Isn’t it time to get off the hamster wheel of constant retooling and simply get the job done with what you have? Or, in other words, run what you brung?

The CorasNow platform can and will deliver app modernization using your current skills. Instead of months of retraining and retooling, give us a week to teach you the platform so you can achieve the mission with the skills you have. The issue isn’t that you don’t have the right skills. The issue is you don’t have the right platform. Learn more at coras.com/now or contact us at info@coras.com.

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