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Who Wants to Work 72 Hours a Week?

The average workweek for a business leader is 72 hours. Really? This article breaks down the work week and discovers a lot of time wasted on non-productive and wasteful things.

The Covey Center for Leadership study found that the average workweek for business leaders is 72 hours. Is that really true though? Or is it more like 44 hours of actual work and the rest of the time doing 'other' things?

In a recent article from Inc., it appears that business leaders spend 21.8 hours a week on tasks that are personal, frivolous, or simply non-productive and preventable. At CORAS, we conducted our own research and found that business leaders spend an average of 8 hours a week in non-productive or wasteful meetings. Combining the two sets of data, a business leader spends 27.1 hours in a state of waste.

The reality is we do not work 72 hours a week. We may spend 72 hours a week at the office, but we are putting in around 44 hours of work.

Below is a graphic we put together to show what happens during a 72 h

our a workweek.

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 10.54.57 AM


What if you were able to eliminate the meetings? What if you had fewer interruptions or fewer fires to put out? Do you really have to work 72 hours a week? It's likely you would be much more productive and maintain a better work-life balance. Just a thought (with some interesting data behind it).


Source: Inc.

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