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Zootopia: running your organization like a business; not a zoo

Learn how businesses are likened to zoos, and the challenge of separation in solving real world problems and outcomes.

Businesses and the departments around them (IT, Marketing, Sales, etc.) are organized to look, act and communicate independently of one another. You can liken it to a zoo; historically IT, sales, marketing, dev/ops animals are fed, managed, and separated so they don’t kill each other.  This feeding comes in the form of information/data and departmental projects. But while separation is necessary for a zoo, tasks and data do not thrive in isolation. Business CAN NOT function effectively in this fashion where the smallest of animals is separated from the 800lb gorilla in the C-suite. In our hyper economy, information/data needs to be shared to communicate effectively and ensure survival.

Our coveted organizations, business models, and IT tools are separating the information out and using a special “keeper” (aka consultant) who is assigned to take on the adventure of navigating and negotiating information from each stakeholder. The ailment is siloed data and is suffered by all organizations big and small. What has been created is a system where businesses relinquish control of their data to a third party, and slows access to real-time information, effectively putting them in a cage.

Studies show every industry from Pharma, Manufacturing, SLED, Federal, and DOD are all challenged with data silos either by fiefdom or by disparate software systems. Whether large or small organizations, the isolation of information is cramped, slowing the pace of work and progress, limiting access, and obscuring mission goals. While zoos operate as independent microcosms, the rest of the world is changing rapidly, and organizations must take a Darwinian approach; adapt or die. Assessing inefficiency, hostage data, software, and consultants’ costs, and impact on new and existing business is essential in diagnosing your ability to be competitive and survive.

This is where you bring in the Vet/Doctor who talks to the animals and to the keepers.

CORAS turn work into mission; and mission into vision!


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