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The Growing Popularity of Office 365

The growing popularity in Office 365 clearly signals that organizations are willing to move to the cloud, and that many are actually doing it.

According to Microsoft’s latest quarterly earnings statement, commercial Office 365 revenue was up 43 percent - a huge increase over the previous quarter. In fact, Microsoft’s cloud business in general was up for the quarter by 11 percent.

What does it mean? The growing popularity of Office 365 clearly signals that organizations are willing to move to the cloud, and that many are actually doing it. There are clear advantages to be gained, including reducing the burden on internal IT, as well as significant cost savings.

But to us, this move to the cloud creates a bigger question: I’ve moved to the cloud... now what?

It’s great to realize all the benefits of the cloud for IT and executives, but what about your business users. They may see some modest performance and productivity gains from the cloud, but what about the business applications they use every day. We’re not talking about email, Office, or other productivity tools, we’re talking about your true business apps, those you use every day to complete your work: CRM, project management, workflows, and business processes, just to name a few.

Many organizations, despite their moves to modernize their infrastructure, are still using slow, outdated, siloed applications. So while IT and executives are seeing benefits from the cloud, your poor business users are still stuck with old technology.

At Coras, we’re focused on helping our customers modernize their applications. Whether in the cloud or not, we offer software that gives organizations the ability to rapidly deliver value to business users by decreasing the time, effort, and complexity associated with modernizing your applications.

So whether you’re one of the organizations who’s moved to Office 365 or another cloud provider, or still working behind your firewall, don’t forget your business users. Modernizing your infrastructure includes more than just hardware and management software. It includes modernizing the apps your business users need and use every day.

Check out our solutions to see how we can help you modernize your applications.

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