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Coras Manage | May On-Demand Webcast

One of the biggest challenges for any PMO is getting everyone on the same page. You have potentially hundreds of projects, dozens of project managers, and even more teams, managers, and executives. And you’re expected to make sense of it all and keep everyone aligned and informed.

CorasManage | April On-Demand Webcast

In this webcast, learn how CorasManage can help the PMO leverage automation to drive efficiencies in portfolio management, reporting and presentations.

CorasManage | March On-Demand Webcast

PMRs and monthly briefings are a way of life for most project or program managers. Every month, you’re expected to collect and present key metrics and other information on your project.

CorasManage | February On-Demand Webcast

In February's webcast, you'll learn all about CorasManage and its ability to manage your portfolios, programs and projects.