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Decision Making

The PMO’s Formula to Automating Your Budget

From running a business or running a household, a critical component to both is proper managing of a budget. Take your budget to the next level with...

Decision Making

Why Dashboards Are Not Enough!

You’ve most likely heard the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, I'm here to tell you why your static dashboards are holding you back!


CORAS goes to AFWERX Fusion 2020

CORAS has been selected to participate in this year's AFWERX Fusion 2020 flagship event to showcase it's Enterprise Decision Management Platform.


My Week at CES and CESG

Some of the most innovative and agile technologies that people have been long awaiting are finally here! Check out CORAS' CEO and his take on CES and...


Journey vs. Protocol

Decision Science Management is the key to enabling an organization to function on actual data, providing a clear vision to your mission.

Project & Portfolio Management

From Data Crunching to Real-Time Decision Making

Improving real-time decision making is a top priority of most organizations today, is it yours? Read more about what the benefits are in this blog.

Decision Making

Here Are The 5 Reasons Why Dashboards Fail You!

Dashboards are great tools to use right up until they fail you! Here are 5 top reasons why dashboards fail you and what you can do to prevent them...

Project & Portfolio Management

How to Right Size your projects in 2019

2018 has flown by and in the real world 2019 is going to bring newer and possibly more complex projects. The key to success is by starting with the...


Getting to "Why?"

Asking why is probably one of the most important questions in business and yet we have left asking that question aside for a very long time. Find out...


What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence is defined differently by many people; however, it is easiest to define it as the cohesion between data and software working...

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PMI Chapter Meeting - Last of 2018

PMI Chapter meetings are a great way to learn and network. The final meeting of the NH PMI Chapter was very well done.

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Why the Old Customer Support Model is Dying

In the future, the familiar support model will go away, making way for the customer success based approach to the customer relationship. Read more to...

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Connected, All-in-One.  Part 3,  Program

In the Part 1 we addressed the power of teams, and the importance of customer-driven outcomes to deliver more value, faster, and to adapt to change....

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Connected, All-in-One.  Part 2,  Projects

In Part 2 of the five part series we look at Projects, which give “legs” to our work via structure and targeted business outcomes, and the “arms” to...

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Is Timeline Still Important in Agile?

Timeline and schedule are still very important when it comes to Agile. In this article, we explain 5 steps to help you keep delivering agile programs...

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Did I make the $10,000 putt?

A blog about Coras' commitment to its community and the world - our support for Medicines for Humanities.

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Change Management and the Agile Business

For many organizations, business agility marks change. Employees may have heard of agile concepts from their development team, but likely perceive it...

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What is the next generation mind map?

What is a mind map? A Mind Map is a visual expression of an idea, concept, data set, organization or mission. The concept has been around since...

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Organizing Blog Ideas in < 1 Minute

Capture, organize, and tracking ideas, and allow co-workers to know what I’m working on, all in under 1 minute.

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Conference ROI: Business Agility

This page contains the spark of knowledge and ideas of conferences and events, and deliver the ROI you and your organization deserves.

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Response to Agile at Scale

The idea that agile is applicable for innovation but not for day-to-day business is simply short-sighted.

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How to Improve Your Team Every day?

Kaizen means continuous improvements. Dan Naselius of Coras writes a brief article about how to improve your team each and every day.


Death of Traditional Project Management

Traditional project management is dying. In comes agile. This article looks at how projects were executed in the past and how they are done today.

Business Agility

Who Wants to Work 72 Hours a Week?

The average workweek for a business leader is 72 hours. Really? This article breaks down the work week and discovers a lot of time wasted on...

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Introducing CorasGrants

The app is designed to manage the entire grants management process, from deciding on your grant programs, to soliciting proposals, to selecting...

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Has the Cloud Changed the Model?

While the evolution of technology has impacted, and benefited, all the value disciplines, we’ve seen the most dramatic influence in the discipline of...

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The Growing Popularity of Office 365

The growing popularity in Office 365 clearly signals that organizations are willing to move to the cloud, and that many are actually doing it.  


CorasWorks | July On-Demand Webcast

For nearly 15 years, CorasWorks has been providing apps on Microsoft SharePoint. As SharePoint has evolved and with the advent and growth of Office...

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Standardize for Success

Establishing a repeatable process will produce endless benefits for you and your company. Not only will your processes become quicker and easier to...


Coras Manage | June On-Demand Webcast

One of the biggest challenges for any PMO is getting everyone on the same page. You have potentially hundreds of projects, dozens of project...

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The Five Stages of PMO Maturity

Like anything else that grows, PMOs go through stages of maturity as they begin to develop efficiency and make the transition from reactive to...


CorasManage | April On-Demand Webcast

In this webcast, learn how CorasManage can help the PMO leverage automation to drive efficiencies in portfolio management, reporting and...

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3 Benefits of an Effective PMO

Project portfolio management driven by PMOs enables business leaders to make the best decisions for their companies at the best time. We examine...

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Break the POWERPOINT Briefing Cycle

From the military to private companies, briefing presentations are a challenge. They take a great deal of time to prepare and any change in data can...


CorasManage | March On-Demand Webcast

PMRs and monthly briefings are a way of life for most project or program managers. Every month, you’re expected to collect and present key metrics...

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4 Ways an EPM Facilitates Team Communication

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s crucial that teams work together to execute the organization’s overall strategy. We’re examining ways to help these...

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The ‘“Just in Time’” Workplace

In today’s business world, there is a push for organizations to be more data-savvy than ever.  Due to the increasing importance of data,...

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3 Questions Every PPM System Should Answer

Having a comprehensive portfolio management solution helps your business determine answers to a variety of important questions, like asset...